Amazon Number One Best Selling Photography Author!

Wow, I am so chuffed today! I just found out my wedding photography book has claimed the number one best selling spot on Amazon! I am now a best selling author, hooray! That feels very nice to say out loud!

I wrote the book while the triplets were one year old and still having naps. It was nice to be able to have something to do still photography related while also being overwhelmed with baby-ness and what felt like changing nappies every waking moment! And it has been super lovely having people message me and stop me in the street to say the book has really helped them!

I would definitely say to any other mums out there who miss working during the early years, try and find something you’re passionate about and see if there’s a way of fitting it into your childfree time. Whether it’s creating some beautiful crafty bits for Etsy, writing a self published book for Amazon like I did or doing some admin work for other friends with small businesses, there are lots of things you can do to keep your own sense of self if you are so inclined! Of course if you want to concentrate 100% on mummy duties that is also great, but for me it was a nice little break to get on the computer and feel like I got to be “just Rosie” again for an hour each day! And it was only an hour every day, but little and often can produce fab results :)