Why Have a Photoshoot with Rosie?


Are you always the one person in your family who takes the photos? Are you pretty much never actually in a photo?

Us mums are always ready with our camera or phones, capturing lovely shots of the kids on their own or with their Dad. We know photos are incredibly important, and that all the shots we take today will be treasured by the kids when they are older!

But how are they going to remember us, their lovely mummy? As the invisible mum who was never in any of the pictures? Are you satisfied for them to have a rich visual history of fabulous times with their siblings and father but only hazy, vague recollections of their mum?

We deserve more! We have put our careers on hold, sacrificed our sleep and sanity, stretched our bellies to a place of no return and given these little munchkins all we have. Hell yes we should have the photos to prove we were there, loving them strong and hard amongst the chaos!

Treat yourself to a family photoshoot with me, and I will bring my professional hair and makeup artist to your home so that you look absolutely stunning. I will organise lunch for us, so that we all get time for a break mid-shoot and the children stay happy. I will capture you in amongst the family. Playful candid moments and relaxed posed portraits. No more invisible mum. You’re going to appear at the heart of the family, as you should be.

Forget needing to lose a few pounds (I know super flattering camera angles to account for any self-conscious worries like that!)… Forget about how the house isn’t as perfect as you would like it to be (we can shoot from clever positions to avoid the piles of laundry!) and don’t worry whether the kids will behave - hey, I have five year old triplets and a four year old, trust me - I’ve seen it all!. The shoot will be more like a fun playdate with mummy’s friend than having a photographer over to take pictures. The kids - and you - will love it!

So the question is - would you like your children to have beautiful memories of their mummy? Your family deserves to be able to see and remember how much you love them. Schedule a consultation with me now and we can chat about how it all works!

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